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How do you fancy getting to grips with a new app that could change the way people get around Cambridge?

The free app will bring together 'real time' local data to suggest alternative travel itineraries using public transport. Google is already using the data, gathered from sensors mounted on city buses, to power its Google Transit app, and it’s hoped the City Deal technology will make it easier for people to find out well in advance about traffic problems.

29 June 2017 | Cambridge News
Smart Cambridge set to speed up ‘smart’ solutions for the region

A preview of the new MotionMap mobile travel app showed how the real-time data will be used to more accurately predict bus times, to help improve people’s journeys and encourage them to use more sustainable methods of transport.

29 Mar 2017 | Digital by Default
How Cambridge is putting the ‘smart’ in smart cities

These projects included the MotionMap mobile travel app (developed by local tech company Building Intellect Ltd) which shows real-time data that can be used to accurately predict bus times to improve people’s journeys and encourage them to use more sustainable methods of transport.

22 Mar 2017 | Euro Transport
The future's here - seven ways Smart Cambridge will change your life in the city

This new real-time travel app will gather data from around the city to show, in real-time, how far away the next bus is and whether there are any delays or heavy traffic. This app, they hope, will allow people to plan the shortest journey times in, and around, the city – using buses rather than cars.

22 Mar 2017 | Cambridge News
£1.6m boost to Smart City plan for better travel around Cambridge

The Smart Cambridge app is being developed by Cambridge firm Building Intellect and will better inform people’s movement around the city.

25 Feb 2017 | Cambridge Independent
Interview with BBC Look East

Arriving this summer, a new travel app, telling you in two seconds when your bus will be at your stop. You can check exactly where your bus is on the map. You can see where your bus is before you can see it on the horizon.

21 Mar 2017 | BBC Look East
Intelligent app aiming to revolutionize city transport.

A new app is set to revolutionize travel around Cambridge and the city deal have decided that a city firm will receive the funding to deliver it.

The vision of motion map itself is to have a tool that helps citizens in their local environment to find their way around and give them information about whats happening in the city.

8 Nov 2016 | Cambridge Independent
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